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About Us

Love The World was founded upon a purpose of a store that everybody in the World can shop for their favorite apparels with the flags of their beloved countries that they are so proud of.

We started small with our domain which means our First store to the World and since then, Love The World (1stTheWorld) have slowly gained the trust and supports from so many customers from 50+ countries around the World. We have had over 50,000+ orders for T-Shirts and Hoodies alone, these are the best selling from our website.

As we are growing, we have expanded to go deeper into the term "custom apparels" and "Print on Demand". In other words, we will personally add your your name, your favorite photos or even better, we let you design your own apparels, just describe what you want and we will materialize it! By these personalised items, you are guaranteed to steal the spot light and only you will ever own that custom made item!

In 2017, we have also started to focus on niches which emphasize on the traditional cultures from many countries which includes: Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Poland, Africa, Tartan, Polynesia, Hawaii, Samoa, Aboriginal, Eritrea, New Zealand, Germany, France. We have also expanded on a larger range of products such as: Sneakers, Socks, Boots, Car Seat Covers, Bedding Sets, Quilts, Blankets, Accessories and Jewelries.

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"Love The World" is a brand of "LOVE THE WORLD LTD". Registered in England and Wales No: "12488569"

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Marketing office: 136 Street Elevent HCM Vietnam