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Traditional Polish costumes are varied and vary by region. Each region will have a different traditional costume, representing that region. Therefore, if you are observant, you can identify which region of Poland is based on the traditional costume they wear.

In part 1, we introduced the history, cultural values ​​and the most general concepts about traditional Polish costumes. In the next section, we will introduce in more detail the famous traditional costumes of several different regions and localities in Poland.

In general, most of the outfits have similarities such as white shirts, long flowing flowers, and short-sleeved gile jackets outside with boots. For women, if they have a husband, they will wear a scarf, and single women wear a flower.

1. Kraków Region

This is the most famous traditional costume in Poland. Women's costumes include white blouses, with vests embroidered and beaded on the front and back, dresses decorated with lots of flowers, aprons, red beaded coral necklace, and shoe fastener. Women and unmarried girls can wear wreaths with ribbons while married women wear white towels on their heads.

Men wearing blue vests have embroidery and tassels, striped pants, krakuska hats decorated with ribbons and peacock feathers and metal rings attached to the waist.

2. Augustów region - a town in north-eastern Poland.

Women's costumes include white shirts and outerwear — long striped skirt with boots. Single women will wear flowers on their heads and tie their hair behind them.

Men wear white shirts with gile jackets, boots and have a bow tie in their necks on top of the beret.

3. Babiogórcy region - highlanders from northern slopes of Babia Góra (Babia Mountain), southern Poland.

Female wearing a white shirt and a white skirt outside. On the outside is a front ribbon gile with embroidered flowers. Married women will have head embroidery.

Men's costumes are more complicated with white shirts, large embroidery belts, textured embroidered trousers, top cowboy hats, and an elaborately embroidered gown.

4. Bambrzy area

Women's costumes in this area are quite elaborate. With a big-head hat attached with lots of flowers, colorful shirts, and long skirts. Outside is a white lace shawl. The outer layer of the skirt is also a thin white lace. Neck wearing a wreath.

For men, a black vest over the knee, a black bow tie, and a black beret.

5. Beskid ąląski region - highlanders from Beskid Śląski (Silesian Beskids) mountain range, southern Poland.

Women's clothing here is quite simple with a short-sleeved shirt, bat skirt over the knees and leather shoes. A married woman will have a shawl.

Men's wear will be a white shirt with a red gile jacket on the outside, hat.

 6. Region Biłgoraj - the town of Biłgoraj in south-eastern Poland.

In general, compared to the costumes in other parts of Poland, the traditional costumes here are simpler in color with the primary color of women being white. A long-sleeved shirt with a white dress is textured on the collar, sleeves, and skirt. The big waist is red; the neck wears rings and boots.

For men who are also shirts and white pants, the big belt comes with boots. However, there is a black coat over the outer knee.

7. The Częstochowa region - the city in southern Poland and its surroundings.

Women's outfit with a white shirt, plaid skirt over the knee. Outerwear is gile, red necklace, boots.

Men's wear is worn with a white shirt, an outer gile jacket, boots, and a top hat.

Above is the traditional costume of some famous regions in Poland. If you have the opportunity to visit these regions, go to traditional shops or popular tourist destinations that will offer these beautiful outfits. Try feeling once to being Polish!

Source: 1sttheworld


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