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A small country on an island, there will be differences in customs and habits for people from another nation. Perhaps, that is why it created the distinction that only when referring to it, everyone all knows it is Iceland. Let's see some strange things only here:

No Surnames or Family Names in Iceland

Iceland's naming is very unique and maintained over generations. Most people have the last name as a patronymic; means it includes the first name of their father with the suffix of -dóttir for a daughter or -son for a son attached. For example, my father's name is Jón, I am female and so my name is Jónsdóttir (Jón's daughter).

This means that a member of a family will have a different last name to both of their parents, and their siblings of a different gender. In Iceland, we call everyone by their first name, be it our teachers, our doctors, our celebrities. Using titles such as Mr., Mrs., Miss or Dr. is not popular either, even for foreigners.

Let their infants sleep outside

Oh my god, can you believe it? This is definitely the weirdest thing if it's elsewhere but, it's a common sight not to be surprised when you're on the road and see a baby carriage next to a coffee shop or outside the house. In Iceland, this quirky thing is considered normal by their parents. Of course, this depends on the weather; however, most are very safe to see children sleeping outside.

baby sleep outside

The tradition starts from when Icelanders lived in houses covered with green grass, which were mainly buried beneath the land. They were very unpleasant places within, filled with dirt, cluttered with people and often animals, and had terrible air-conditioning, so they would get very smokey. Keeping your baby outside, therefore, was helpful for its health.

In-breath speech

Perhaps not uniquely Icelandic, for it is done in other Nordic nations, this oddity is something that most foreigners will regard and mention when they come to the country. It is usually to hear the words 'Já' or 'Jæja'  spoken on the in-breath. There isn't need to act surprised if you hear it; it is just a way of the tongue, not an offended gasp.
For people who have never spoken this way, it is surprisingly challenging, although that is hardly unusual for an aspect of the Icelandic language.


Wear sunglasses at night

It may sound strange but it is true. For a country where sunlight is also different, the lighting time is long and continuous, with the arctic circle, the sun stays in both summer and winter, regardless day and night. This means you have plenty of time to meet it, so to protect your eyes, prepare sunglasses.


Mosquitoes do not exist

It’s right! No insect bites like mosquitoes in Iceland. You can go on your business and still not be bitten!

The only mosquito in Iceland has been soaked in wine and displayed in the National Natural History Institute. It's not even a mosquito with a real Icelandic nationality.


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